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Specialists in Semi-Permanent Makeup and Cosmetic Procedures

Nails@Nature's Way:

Working within the salon at Nature's Way, Nails@Natures Way provides high quality nail care. We can provide a bespoke service for whatever your needs, from a Manicure to a Full Nail Enhancement, Pedicure to Calgel Toenails.

We specialise in both The NSI Acrylic System and The Calgel Soft Gel Nail System.

For more information please call the salon and speak to one of our highly skilled Nail Technicians.

Nails@Natures Way is commited to training new Technicians to our high standards, so there may be an option to visit one of our student or junior technicians at a reduced price whilst we will still endeavour to provide quality assured treatments.



The Calgel Nail System is a comprehensive range of nail care and enhancement products and treatments centred on Calgel that is applied by brush after a little buffing to the natural nail. The application is applied by our trained and qualified nail technicians here in the Nature's Way salon.

After application, Calgel is then cured for 30 seconds for clear or 3 minutes for colour under a UV light. Once cured the gel becomes a thin nail-like substance - natural looking and extremely flexible like real nails, but strong and durable without looking thick and false.

Calgel is gas permeable ensuring that it does not effect the natural function of the nail.Sweat and grease can pass out from the nail plate and oxygen can get in.

Calgel can be used as an overlay on your own nails; sculptured or in conjuntion with tips to create length and can be coloured, natural or French in appearance. The resulting enhancements, correctly applied and removed will result in the absolute minimum of damage to your natural nail.

A wide range of nail colours and designs to suit each client’s particular style, taste and requirements can then be applied onto this surface. Click on the image of the colour pots below for more details and you could also go to www.calgel.co.uk

calgel colourpots


Give yourself the star treatment with Calgel - you'll be in the company of these celebrities

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Whether it's fingers or toes, the results are always spectacular


before calgel
after calgel
before calgel


calgel toe diamante flower calgel toe diamante triangle calgel left diamante triangle

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