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Our salon is big enough to provide all the latest beauty treatments and techniques using only the highest quality products, but yet small enough to make you the centre of our world.
You deserve to be pampered - and at Nature's Way, you certainly will be!!
We look forward to seeing you soon...........

New Team


Absolutely amazing transformation for this client. Colour by Janine and Cut by Denise. The client is absolutely blown away by her new style and will be posting herself to those who know her!!!



Sue Hilton our new in house Aesthetician and Beautician

Sue Hilton

Sue is (almost) always - exclusively available in salon

for all of your injectable and beauty needs.

Contact Sue directly on: 07411 452689

Or Email her at:


Amazing results from Electrolysis Treatment of Facial Thread Veins


Did you know.........

What three words?? In this strange world that we live in, sometimes things appear to work on a higher plain. Every 3m square in the UK has a unique three word address…….

What are your three words??

We were amazed to find that 2 of the squares that relate to Nature’s Way are:
atomic.squad.picked and

So why not visit our "handpicked" "atomic" "squad" of beauticians and therapists and enjoy the "friendly", "gentle" atmosphere and our treatments using environmentally “green” products.

All @ Nature’s Way